Skeletal Muscle Test System

The Aurora Scientific Mouse Muscle Physiology System offers an ideal apparatus for study the mechanical properties of intact skeletal muscles in a setting maintained as physiologically relevant as possible. This system allows the flexibility to study muscle mechanics in vivo, in situ, and in vitro. For in situ and ex vivo applications, the mounting platform contains heated limb and body plates to maintain physiological temperatures. In addition, the mounting platform offers a variety of positioning and clamping options, which allow for multiple applicationsa, ease of manipulation and access during the study. For isolated muscle studies, an in vitro bath is available. Muscle contraction is stimulated by a high-power, bi-phasic stimulator capable of positive, negative, or alternating pulses. The physical muscle properties are measured by a Dual Mode Muscle Lever, which is ideally suited for measurement of length-tension, force-velocity, force-frequency, stiffness, and work.